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Flash and Fidget 


"Unlocking the brilliant minds of our Future"

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Flash  & Fidget Foundation

The Flash and Fidget Foundation was created to help cause awareness of neurological and other learning disabilities in children. It is often that children are misdiagnosed or not diagnosed at all and continue to suffer in their studies and developmental milestones. Thus, leading to low self a steam poor socialization, emotional, and behavior issues. Let's be advocates for our children and get them the help they need.  Children shouldn't feel these stresses when trying to learn.  Let's create awareness and open up resources for our children so that they may understand how their unique brains work!


Melanie M. Aleman is a self-published author whose books are selling on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Walmart and other locations. Her book, " The Adventures of Flash and Fidget and the Mysterious Slime App" has been nominated for the TCK Publishing Readers' Choice Awards 2022 and is currently in the running top 3 of their YA/ Middle Grade category. Her goal is to create engaging chapter books for children/YA with reading disabilities. By doing so, she keeps fonts large, stories current, chapters short to help give the sense of accomplishment and hand Illustrates a picture per page to help keep the reader engaged and turn to the next page.

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